A His and Hers Master Retreat

This master retreat was transformed into a 
desirable space that the husband and wife can now both enjoy.  I think its very fitting that the makeover was given as a 10th Anniversary present, as the space now speaks to both of their individual styles and personalities and they will surely enjoy it for years to come!

Here the heavy Misson style Furniture overpowers the room.  The masculine lines of the furniture  leave the space feeling very heavy and the beige walls and carpet give the illusion that the furniture is floating.  

Replacing the Mission style bed with this beautiful upholstered bed breaks up the masculine furniture and softens the space.  Deep turquoise on the walls add depth and help bring the space together.  A Pumpkin color was added for an unexpected twist and provides pops of color throughout the room.

Bedding is obviously always important in setting the stage for the bedroom.  Here we went with some feminine touches to lighten the space.  The fun fur pillows and cherry blossom bedding do just the trick!

This mirror was distressed with an acid treatment and brings something fun and unique above the bed.  It also ties in with the two aged mirrors placed behind the table lamps, bringing it all together!

Simply removing the mirror from the dresser and hanging the television makes all the difference here!

This corner was underutilized and served little purpose.

Adding a small writing desk gives this space a function as well as helps bring the room together.
Custom cornice boards were created and really give this retreat a luxurious feel!

This master is quite large and has plenty of room and opportunity for a sitting area.

The Birch tree print above the settee reminds the homeowner of looking out her childhood window and seeing the Birch trees in her yard.  In fact the Birch branches came from her parents...how fitting!!

Overall this bedroom is calming, luxurious and has just the right balance
 of masculine and feminine qualities!  
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