Family Room Redo

This living room just needed a few adjustments to feel cohesive and complete.  Here,  furniture lines the walls and the storage cubes seem off scale next to the large couches.  The neutral color palette feels a little gloomy needing a pop of color and some texture to bring it to its full potential.  

Bringing the furniture away from the walls creates a more intimate and conversational setting.  A new rug pulls it all together!  The rug grounds the space and adds texture.  A beautiful new coffee table now fits the scale of the couches and again adds texture!  New pillows offer the punch of color the room was lacking before.  New updated lamps feel fresh and bring in a modern element to the room.

Before the mirror looks bare on wall.

Bringing the couch away from the wall allows room for a sofa table and the opportunity to add  layers of height, color, and texture in front of the mirror.

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