A Master Retreat Lightens Up

This master retreat
 felt dark and drab.  It
definitely wasn't living 
up to its potential and was in much need of a transformation.  The homeowners wanted to lighten the space and add a bit of spa-like sophistication. A few simple changes go a long way, creating a peaceful relaxing space! 
Take a look.....

Changing the wall color to a cool light grey creates a spa like atmosphere and already changes the feel of the room.  Lighter drapery panels replaced the chocolate ones also lightened the space.  The bedding was pulled together with a few additional pieces to create a layered look.   A starburst mirror above the bed adds a touch of sparkle and allows light to reflect in the space.  New lamps were also purchased updating the look while keeping it fresh and modern.  

Before this nook was used primarily as a storage area and served no real purpose in the space.

Now the space has been transformed into a beautiful sitting area.   Decorative pillows and a throws create a comfortable place to curl up with a good book.  Carved panels add the perfect backdrop to the space.  And a chrome pedestal table keeps it fresh and modern.

An upholstered bench at the end of the bed serves as a great spot to remove shoes and serves as extra sitting in the space.

Accessories were carefully chosen to help create a soothing artistic atmosphere.

 Modern chrome sconces welcome you into the space and add a bit of shine. 

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